The Mysterious Sinkage of Jumbo Floating Restaurant: Scam or Accident


Once upon a time, it was known as “the world’s largest sea-food house,” it was docked in the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter for nearly half a century. In its golden era, this was where the Queen Of England was served during her visits to Hong Kong, which also became a hot spot for movie sets including James Bond.

Unfortunately, the past will remain in memories, as the Jumbo Floating Restaurant is now gone with the wind.

On June 14, 2022, the historic Jumbo Floating Restaurant departed from its long-time home and was towed away from Aberdeen. It was scheduled to leave for repairs in South East Asia. 

Out of nowhere, the news of its sinking suddenly hit the media.

A few days later, Hong Kong Marine Department said the floating restaurant was still in the waters around the Paracel Islands, also known as Xisha Islands. 

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Jumbo Floating Restaurant departed from Hong Kong on June 14, 2022. Its…

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