The Movie Industry’s Impact On The Financial Markets


The financial markets are quite literally teeming with equities involved in the movie industry. They’re quite evenly spread across the major stock exchanges too. AT&T – owner of Warner Bros, HBO, HBO Max and New Line Cinema – is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Twenty-First Century Fox is listed on the NASDAQ, while Sony Corporation – owner of Sony Pictures – is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

There is no doubting that success at the box office is one of the vital statistics for the success of any stock involved in the movie industry. The Walt Disney Company is one such stock that continues to thrive off the back of its movie successes. In the last five years alone, the Walt Disney Co. share price has risen by over 43%.

The box office and movie stock values are intrinsically linked

Credit: Small Screen

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One of the main reasons that Walt Disney continues to thrive…

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