The Mercury News: Big Tech Must Be Involved To Prevent Congress from Hindering Innovation


For the past decade, Big Tech leaders have been unable to address issues of growing public interest in the industry, including monopoly practices, privacy breaches, disinformation and false alarms, and election interference.

Their lack of action has created a political void that Congress is now rushing to fill. Meanwhile, tech leaders are suddenly surprised by the package of bills passed by the House Judiciary Committee last week aimed at significantly constraining the most profitable companies in the industry, such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. There is.

They are right to be surprised. The bill was not written by an author who does not fully understand how the industry works. But tech leaders are the only ones who blame the challenges they are currently facing. Instead of stepping up when they had the opportunity, they argued primarily about the issue.

It doesn’t cut it. Tech leaders now need to do more than say no to the law. They need…

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