The Internet Isn’t Waiting for President Biden to Help Afghan Refugees


News travels fast on social media, and apparently—when it comes to trying to help the people of Afghanistan—so does philanthropy.

While international relations don’t always dominate social media platforms like Instagram the way that funny memes, food pics, and vids and movie voiceovers do, the unfolding situation in Afghanistan and what’s happening in Kabul have hit a sore spot among digital natives and nomads like millennial and Gen Z Americans who have had the “War on Terror” as the backdrop to their youth for 20 years. Not to mention that two-thirds of Americans polled by the Associated Press think the two-decades-long Afghanistan war was a waste of time.

So internet dwellers are doing what they know how to do best: channeling their frustrations into helping the Afghan people and sharing ways to do so on social media.

Organizations like Miles4Migrants and LIRSConnect have gone viral, with posts of their URLs spreading…

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