The hard truth behind Biden’s cyber warnings


Security experts have expressed the most worry about hacks on the energy and finance industries. However, each of the nation’s crucial sectors is at risk in some way.

“We should consider every sector vulnerable,” said Jen Easterly, director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, during a three-hour call this week with around 13,000 participants from multiple industries on the Russian hacking threat. “In some ways, we should assume that disruptive cyber activity will occur.”

Inevitably, some attack will break through if an adversary like Russia puts enough resources behind it.

“If a nation state brings its A-Team, the ability to be 100 percent effective on defense is not always there,” said Senate Intelligence Chair Mark Warner (D-Va.), pointing to concerns around the energy and financial sectors. “So how do we stay resilient, even if the bad guys get in?”

President Joe Biden warned this week that Russian…

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