The government needs to stamp out scam calls


On the average day over the last week, I received about four scam calls, with several leaving messages supposedly about how I could extend my car’s warranty (I do not own a car). Others around the country report scammers impersonating Federal Reserve or public utility employees, threats of being arrested by the FBI if they don’t pay up, promises of fake prizes, and on and on. It’s a veritable epidemic of bottom-feeding crime.

The federal government needs to defend America’s communication infrastructure and wipe these scammers off the face of the Earth. It’s the bare minimum of what Americans should expect from our elected representatives.

Most obviously, scam calls are bad because some people do get tricked. After all, these calls wouldn’t happen if they didn’t work sometimes. People have reported losing thousands of dollars or even their entire life savings. Defending the citizenry from thieving criminals is a fundamental task of government.

But perhaps…

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