The furry greeter at Heaven’s Dollar General | Perspectives


One of the wonders of a child with autism is the way their mind works. Just when you think you have figured them out, they’ll say or do something that leaves you amazed.

In my case, Eli blew me away by being happy in a situation where I thought for sure he would be sad.

There is a cat cafe in Branson. If you aren’t familiar with Mochas and Meows, it’s a coffee shop on one side, and a room full of cats on the other. The cats are part of a partnership with a local animal rescue and all but the “resident cats” are available for adoption. They’ve had over 110 cats adopted in the last 2 years of existence. 

This means that cats come and go, and just when you start to bond with one, they’ll move on to their forever home. 

Eli wasn’t a fan of animals for a long time. Our family ended up with a therapy cat,…

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