The final price of the dollar today is April 25 from the US dollar to the CAD


In the last session The US dollar Quoted at the end The average is $ 1.27So it was 0.02% compared to the previous day average of 1.27 Canadian dollars.

In the last seven days, the US dollar Scores rise 0.86%So on a year-on-year basis it still maintains a high 0.9%. In connection with the changes of this day with respect to the previous days, it connects four consecutive sessions of positive numbers by chain. The volatility that marked last week is apparently higher than it accumulated last year, so it is going to a point of instability.

In the annual photo, The US dollar It averaged a high of $ 1.29, while its lows averaged $ 1.25. The US dollar Is closer to the maximum than its minimum.

Canadian dollar

The Canadian dollar It is the official currency of Canada, denoted by the abbreviation CAD and denominated in 100 cents.

It should be noted that after the conversion of the Canadian dollar to the British pound sterling, the Spanish dollar and the…

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