The Fastest Way to Lose All Your Wealth is…


Neither have I. That’s because most financial advisors and experts focus on how to build wealth, not lose it.

And for good reason. Building wealth requires hard work, patience and a whole lot of luck.

You would have to have more than one source of income, the knowledge and discipline to invest wisely and be lucky enough to not get caught up in a downturn.

And anyway, does anyone really need to be told how to lose money?

Most people are careful with their money. They also tend to save whatever they can. But more often than not people slip.

They don’t just lose their savings; they lose everything they own to the point of bankruptcy.

So how does one find themselves in such a situation?

#1 Spend all, save none

For starters, they spend all their money on extravagant useless purchases without saving any. 

Take, for example,…

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