The essence of Peter Obi


On Arise TV sometime in January 2020, the late Malam Samaila Isa Funtua, one of the North’s foremost industrialists and self-admitted face of the shadow cabal rumoured to have had the Buhari government on a leash, damned political correctness to address the dilemma of the Igbo presidency.

The ethnic group, one of the anchors observed, felt marginalized, and the industrialist interjected to say that Nigerians weren’t functioning in “Turn-by-Turn Nigeria Limited,” and that the Igbo must identify with the Nigerian state, establish a strong presence in the (winning) parties and demonstrate their electoral advantage to earn the nation’s topmost position.

Do something about the economy now

NNPP-LP alliance: ‘Kwankwaso can deputise Obi’

Even though Malam Funtua’s interview was polarizing, and appealed to those who believed the Igbo had not exerted their self-evident numerical size in national elections to negotiate for the presidential ticket…

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