The Economist Romania Business & Investment Roundtable: Business leaders embrace the new technology trends


The Economist Romania Business & Investment Roundtable delivered fresh, robust and action-oriented insights through an in-depth conversation with key international policymakers. As a special speaker, the Romanian Prime Minister, Nicolae Ciucă, assured foreign and domestic investors that Romania has a safe, strong and open economy and mentioned that the Government would support any initiative to relocate in Romania businesses from the countries affected by the war in Ukraine.


European Commissioner for Economic Affairs Paolo Gentiloni, also present in Bucharest for The Economist Romania Business & Investment Roundtable, said that the payment of Russian gas in rubles means a breach of existing contracts and that the European Union is ready to deal with the decision.

The speakers and officials have also discussed the latest technology trends and their business impact.  

Achilleas Kanaris, CEO Vodafone România:

“The pandemic has put constant…

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