The Dollar/Euro Axis versus Ethiopia

Source : Dreamstime

Melakou Tegegn

The current trans-Atlantic powers’ (US and EU) negative reaction towards the crisis in Tigray and the Nile dam and the concurrent reaction mainly by the Ethiopian media seem to have somehow eclipsed the real nature of the US. One has to situate what the US really is within the context of the post-Cold War situation, end of bi-polarity, the consequences of globalization, the changing scene at the global level, the world being on the verge of entering a second phase of bipolarity as a result of the rise of China as a global power, the cracks within the Western alliance, emergence of regional powers such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Brazil.

With the dissolution of the old USSR, bipolarity in world politics was assumed to have come to an end. Global peace appeared in the offing with the signing of the Good Friday agreement that ended the Irish conflict, the Oslo accord that paved the way for the rapprochement…

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