The development of capital markets in Zim


Batanai Matsika
Globally, we have witnessed a revolution in terms of the development of capital markets. The internet has also changed how business is being done as IoT (The Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence has taken centre stage.

In the same vein, global financial markets have been evolving with new instruments being introduced and traded, from CFDs (Contract for Differences), ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) to REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts).

Zimbabwe has also caught up with this trend given that the traditional stock market has shifted from manual to automated systems. For instance, the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) has evolved from an open outcry system to an automated trading system (ATS).

We are witnessing a convergence of technology and finance and this has opened the stock market for anyone who has an internet connection.

Direct market access for investors

In line with the shift to automated trading, the ZSE has…

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