The Creator Economy Now Mirrors The Global Economy – Crunchbase News


By David Grossman

More than 50 million people worldwide consider themselves to be creators.

Influencer marketing is poised to surpass the $3 billion mark by the end of 2021. Streaming platforms from Netflix to Disney+ (along with every other platform marked with a “+”) to Amazon Prime continue to scale operations globally, diversify offerings beyond TV or movies, and sign top talent to long-term contracts.

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On all fronts and perhaps against some odds, the roughly $20 billion creator economy is thriving—with each creator operating more like a startup than an individual.

Unprecedented times for creators (and everyone else)

As the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world, it also offered a proof of concept for creators streaming content from socially distant living rooms, remote beaches, masked public transportation, and everywhere else.

A disconnected world actually enabled creators the world over to…

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