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The following post contains SPOILERS for Cobra Kai Season 5, along with some of the previous seasons and the original three Karate Kid movies. If you clicked on this article about Easter eggs in Cobra Kai without having seen the 40-year-old original Karate Kid movie please stop reading, and then spend a few minutes thinking about the choices that brought you to this point.

If there’s one thing Cobra Kai does really well it’s mine its own history for fresh story ideas. (If there’s two things it does well, it’s mine its own history for fresh story ideas and William Zabka acting like a lovable meathead.) From the series’ earliest episodes, it’s used the characters and ideas from original The Karate Kid franchise to create a really compelling saga about legacy, history, morality, and kicking people in the face. The series‘ creators have a knack for turning even the silliest aspects of the old movies — and…

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