The charts that matter: US dollar continues its bull run


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In this week’s MoneyWeek magazine, we’re concentrating on inflation. Merryn talks to the Bank of England’s outgoing chief economist, Andy Haldane, who explains why price rises might prove rather more stubborn than many people think. We’ve also got a feature on how to buy into emerging markets – notoriously difficult – by using UK stocks as a proxy. If you’re not already a subscriber, sign up now.

This week’s “Too Embarrassed To Ask” looks at “zombie companies” – a term you may well have heard in this low-interest-rate environment. You can watch that here.

We’ve another big hitter on the MoneyWeek Podcast this week. Merryn talks to Jim Mellon, one of our favourite investment gurus. Jim explains what he’s buying – a lot of UK stocks – and why, with plenty of tips for you to investigate. They also talk about Big Tech (and why he’s not buying that), Big Oil (and why he is buying that), plus why Jim believes…

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