Thai police arrest Lao woman over multimillion-dollar scam


LAOS (VIENTIANE TIMES/ANN) – Police in Thailand have tracked down and arrested a Lao woman and her husband after they fled Laos when they realised their nefarious money-making scam had been rumbled.

The couple were discovered at a hotel in Rangsit, Pathum Thani province, Thailand after making a hasty exit from Laos at the end of June.

Victims of the scam reported being cheated out of a total of USD4 million.

The arrest operation began yesterday morning when Thai immigration officials detained 30-year-old Phonethip Xaypanya, aka Jey Thip, and her husband at the hotel, according to a news flash on Thailand’s Television Channel 3.

Jey Thip protested her innocence, saying, “I didn’t cheat anyone, the charge of money fraud is not true. I didn’t sneak away, I left Laos for safety reasons because if I stayed I was afraid I might be physically assaulted.”

Speaking to Thai media, she said, “How could I have taken such a…

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