Terrible! Another Scam That I’ve Encountered at the Jersey Shore



It seems to happen a lot, the “scam” and YOU at home are the target. Predators are out there and they are looking for YOU and want to take advantage of YOU and your family.



This latest “scam” was just emailed to me and I wanted to share with you so you don’t get taken advantage of. Now just what they are attempting to do, I do not know because I did NOT do what they wanted. What they want is for people to click on their “LINK” which then will open Pandora’s Box. Maybe it takes you to a phony company, maybe it corrupts your computer…..regardless the “LINK” is trouble and you want to avoid it at all cost. If you get this email, just delete it!


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Here is the email I received


Shawn Michaels

You have Notice to Appear in Court

Hereby you are notified that you have been scheduled to appear for your hearing at the county…

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