Tenneco’s CVSAe Suspension Technology Launching in China On New ZEEKR 001 Premium Electric Vehicle


Developed by Tenneco’s Advanced Suspension Technology (AST) business unit to deliver increased ride comfort and more dynamic vehicle handling than conventional suspensions, CVSAe technology has been widely adopted by European vehicle manufacturers, with in excess of 20 million units delivered to date for more than 75 passenger vehicle models.

Click To Tweet: Tenneco’s @MonroeIntelSusp CVSAe Suspension Technology Launching in China on New ZEEKR 001 Premium Electric Vehicle. @ZEEKR is the new pure electric premium brand from Zhejiang Geely Holding Group and will be the first application of CVSAe technology to be manufactured in China.

CVSAe technology is one of several electronic suspensions available in the company’s Monroe® Intelligent Suspension portfolio. CVSAe continuously adapts to changing road conditions based on data provided by multiple sensors present in the vehicle, resulting in optimal damping characteristics at all times. An electronic…

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