Telkom Published Financial Statements 2020


JAKARTA, Indonesia, May 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As industrial conditions remain battered by the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to rage in Indonesia, PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) managed to record a good performance by yielding positive income growth, with its EBITDA (Earning Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation, and Amortization) and net income recorded double-digit growth in 2020. The Company recorded a consolidated revenue of IDR136.46 trillion, grew positively by 0.7% compared to 2019. The Company’s EBITDA in 2020 was recorded at IDR72.08 trillion with a net income of IDR20.80 trillion, or reached double digit growth of 11.2% and 11.5% year-on-year respectively. It indicated optimism that digitalization could become a driving force for the handling COVID-19 and national economic recovery.

Telkom President Director Ririek Adriansyah said 2020 was a very challenging year during which pandemic-induced changes had shifted people’s needs and lifestyles, with a significant increase of consumers adopting a digital lifestyle.

“The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation couple years faster and for Telkom, this is a valuable momentum for acceleration. In line with the company’s transformation into a digital telco, Telkom continues to actively support the government’s efforts in handling COVID-19 and recovering the national economy through connectivity, platforms and digital applications, as well as social assistance. We are committed continuing to provide ease for people who because of the pandemic have to carry out their activities digitally from home, including to work and study,” Ririek said in Jakarta (29/4).

The COVID-19 pandemic provides an impetus to the greater need for fixed broadband access. Telkom seized the moment to meet the increasing demand throughout 2020 by having more than 1.01 million new IndiHome subscribers, Telkom’s fixed broadband flagship product. By the end of 2020, the number of IndiHome subscribers grew to 8.02 million, or went up by 14.5% compared to the end of 2019. It had a positive impact on the company, to which IndiHome posted a significant increase in revenue of 21.2% to IDR22.2 trillion compared to last year. IndiHome’s growth will remain promising, given that the fixed broadband penetration rate in Indonesia is relatively low at around 15% of