Teens in the Chicago area warn about work scams asking for personal information – CBS Chicago


Chicago (CBS) — She is a teenager looking for a job.

But instead, she was scammed.

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Marissa Para of CBS2 has her attention story

A hard-working student, Elisa Chavez wanted to help pay for college tuition. So she got a job.

Or so she thought.

Her story begins with job hunting and registers for all the job listings she finds.

“I received emails every day and looked up the emails and wondered if this was a good idea,” says Chavez.

So when she received this text a month later, it said:

“Hello Elisa. Can I have a remote manager interview tomorrow?”

It looked so good that Elisa did her homework.

A quick Google search showed the names of her prospective hires. They matched the names of real employees of the real company, the healthcare company Medline.

“It seems legal, let’s see where this goes,” Chavez said.

“They wanted to do an interview at Fleep. We did an interview and it probably…

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