Big Tech’s test after powering past the pandemic


After witnessing the defensive qualities that made technology a good bet during a pandemic, many investors have sought this year for the perfect “open” trade, the sector that would most benefit from the gradual deregulation. I did. In the end, it turned out that they didn’t have to look far.

This week’s earnings report from the largest tech company in the United States Expenditure surge New gadgets and digital services were more than just a blockade. With executives lined up, the tech mood is almost victorious. declare That it represents a permanent change.

But after the blockbuster earnings of the first half of this year, growth is at a loss. The booming digital economy may have been one of the consequences of a pandemic, but the impact is not uniform. There are post-pandemic adjustments for navigating.

In the first place, it’s unlikely that the near-perfect background that brought big tech soaring profits in the first half of this year…

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