Tech support scams top the list of cyber security threats


Tech support scams are the number one phishing threat and are predicted to increase as we approach the Christmas holiday period, according to the Norton Consumer Cyber Safety Pulse report.

To kick off Australian Cyber Week 2021, NortonLifeLock has published its third quarterly Consumer Cyber Safety Pulse report which highlights the trends in internet security and safety.

Tech support scams are the top threat with pop up alerts which are convincingly disguised using the names and branding of major tech companies.

They are designed to trick you into thinking you are facing a cyber security threat and require you to take immediate action.

For example, a user may receive an alert saying “your PC is at risk” as an attempt to steal your personal information, take money from your bank account or install dangerous software on your device.

These tech support scams have increased during the COVID pandemic because savvy cyber…

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