Tech Scene in Raleigh Propels Local Real Estate Market to New Heights



  • Raleigh, North Carolina, is seeing the highest percentage of bidding wars over homes in the country.
  • Even as the national housing market shows signs of cooling, the Research Triangle keeps heating up.
  • Interest in the area is surging thanks to a growing tech scene — and big investment from Apple.

Aubrey McCarn, a millennial teacher, put an offer over asking price on the very first home she toured in Raleigh, North Carolina, in June.

As a hopeful first-time homebuyer navigating a bonkers pandemic-impacted real estate market, she knew she had to be intentional and aggressive. And she wasn’t surprised to lose that bidding war.

“They only ended up showing the home for one day,” she told The News and Observer. The property had 20 potential buyers visit the open house, and 15 of the visitors — including McCarn…

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