Tech salaries in Colorado revealed: Here's what Oracle, IBM, Amazon, VMware, and Google pay engineers, consultants and managers in the Centennial Heel State


Tech has been a major growth driver in Colorado over the past decade, emerging as a rival to California’s Silicon Valley.

Colorado has become “a really viable place to grow and source the talent” that major tech companies need and “in a more cost effective manner than in Silicon Valley or San Francisco,” said Reid Aronstein, global business development manager of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade.

“Colorado just became over the last few decades a place where people realize there was great talent, is a more cost effective place where you could still have a great quality of life with even more sunshine than California,” he told Business Insider.

Colorado’s tech industry employs nearly 150,000 people working for nearly 10,000 companies, making it the state with the third highest concentration of tech workers in the country, according the Colorado econonomic development office.  

This is evident even in the efforts of tech giants like Amazon, Oracle, VMware, IBM, and Google to hire foreign tech talent.

Business Insider analyzed the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification’s 2019 disclosure data for permanent and temporary foreign workers to find out what these five major tech companies pay tech talent in key roles including engineers, developers and data scientists in Colorado.

Companies are required to disclose information, such as salary ranges, when they hire foreign workers under the H1-B visa program, giving insight into what these major companies are willing to shell out for talent.

This data comes with some caveats: For some positions, the companies only gave a salary range, rather than a specific figure. And the data included here may not give a complete picture of any given employee’s compensation package, which could also include cash or stock bonuses. Still, the disclosure data gives a rare look into the actual wages paid by these tech giants in the state of  Colorado.

Here’s how much these top enterprise technology companies paid employees hired in Colorado in 2020:

Google hired a Google cloud sales engineer with a salary of $139,000. Sundar Pichai Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Google announced in February that it was investing more than $10 billion in new offices and data centers throughout the US. This push includes Colorado, where CEO Sundar Pichaisaid the tech giant had planned double its workforce.

Here are some of Google’s recent hires in Colorado, based on 40 approved work visas for the state and how much they’re paid:

Solutions consultant manager: $242,000

Solutions consultant: $195,000

Staff database engineer: $171,000

Software developer advocate: $167,000

Product manager: $149,000

Solutions consultant: $142,000

Google cloud sales engineer: $139,000

Optical network engineer: $116,000

Software engineer: $110,000

IBM hired a transition and transformation manager with a salary of $106,000. IBM CEO Arvind Krishna IBM CEO Arvind Krishna

IBM has been known for forging ties with major universities, including the University of Colorado, Boulder, where it helped launch a data science program. Big Blue also set up operations for IBM Watson, its AI product line, in Greenwood Village.

Here are some of IBM’s recent hires in Colorado based on 16 approved work visas for the state and how much they’re paid:

Advisory system analyst: $80,000 to $150,000

Technical lead: $80,000 to $150,000

Application developer: $106,000

IT Architect: $108,000

Project manager: $106,000

Transition and transformation manager: $106,000

Senior database administrator: $96,000

Amazon hired a technical programmer with a salary of $140,000. Jeff bezos Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Denver was one of the top cities Amazon considered for its second headquarters, before ultimately settling on Crystal City in Virginia. Colorado’s most prominent city was not chosen, but Amazon has been expanding its presence in the Centennial State.

Amazon has added hundreds of jobs in downtown Denver, said Reid Aronstein, of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. That’s “a reflection of the fact that it continues to be a place where they build capacity and add headcount,” he told Business Insider.

Here are some of Amaon’s recent hires in Colorado based on 6 approved work visas for the state and how much they’re paid:

Professional services II: $150,000

Sales operations II: $120,000

Technical programmer II: $140,000

Quality assurance engineer II: $136,000

Quality assurance engineer II: $131,000

Oracle hired a software developer with a salary of $148,000 to $225,000. Safra Catz oracle.JPG Oracle CEO Safra Catz

Oracle has a long history in Colorado where it has expanded its presence after acquiring tech companies that also operated in the state, including Sun Microsystems and PeopleSoft.

Oracle, a powerhouse in the market for enterprise software, is pushing aggressively for a stronger position in cloud computing, where it faces bigger rivals led by Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.

Here are some of Oracle’s recent hires in Colorado based on  25 approved work visas for the state and how much they’re paid:

Software developer: $148,000 to $225,000

Sales consulting senior manager: $163,000 to $207,000

Data scientist: $112,000 to $179,000

Technical analyst: $116,000 to $169,000

Program analyst, IT: $115,000 to $160,000

Principal consultant: $104,000 to $141,000

Staff sales consultant: $83,000 to $125,000

VMware hired an engineering manager with a salary of $160,000. VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

VMware, the infrastrucuture software giant, has emerged as a major player in enterprise cloud computing. The tech giant became part of Dell Technologies after the Texas-based company acquired EMC in 2016. Dell announced earlier this year that it is considering eventually spinning off VMware.

Here are some of VMware’s recent hires in Colorado based on 10 approved work visas for the state and how much they’re paid:

Engineering manager: $160,000

Staff solution engineer: $144,000

Member of technical staff: $140,000

Solutions architect: $139,000

Senior regional escalation manager: $112,000

Technical support manager: $104,000

Senior network virtualization engineer: $87,000

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