Tech can help solve US cities’ affordability crisis – TechCrunch


US cities are in the midst of an affordable crisis. Between May 2020 and May 2021, home prices Maximum annual increase Over 20 years and Building material price It increased by 24%.Rents rose faster than the lessor’s income 20 years.. Construction needs to play an important role in solving these pressing issues, but is the industry ready?

The construction industry is a $ 10 trillion global industry and employs more than 200 million people worldwide.But despite its size and importance, the industry Annual labor productivity Since 1947, it has increased by only 0.1% each year.

Since 1947, we have witnessed amazing advances in technology and science. Industries such as agriculture, manufacturing and retail can dramatically increase productivity by improving yields with improved bioengineering and introducing state-of-the-art logistics to bring affordable consumer goods to the mass market….

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