Talibanisation of Afghanistan — challenges ahead


The Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan has been well-received by many around the world, including Pakistan, as well as several Jihadist organisations. After successfully taking control of the country, the Taliban declared their victory last week. They claimed to have “witnessed the fruits of their efforts and sacrifices for 20 years”.

Taliban’s de facto leader, Mullah Baradar, justified the use of violence and proclaimed that the Taliban are now responsible for the internal matters of the country and the countrymen. Jubilant over the victory, Haji Hikmat, another commander, opined, “We have won the war and America has lost.” He added, “Jihad is an act of worship. Worship is something that, however much of it you do, you don’t get tired.” Taliban’s swift victory even compelled Prime Minister Imran Khan to say that the Afghans have “broken the shackles of slavery”.

Praises aside, Afghanistan and neighbouring countries will soon be…

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