Taliban wrestle with Afghan economy in chaos, humanitarian crisis

  • Prices soar, currency plunges, shops close
  • Taliban struggle to keep banks, services, medical care running
  • Crowds line up outside Kabul banks for scarce cash
  • Thousands flee to border crossings with Pakistan, Iran

Sept 1 (Reuters) – Afghanistan’s new Taliban rulers struggled to keep the country functioning on Wednesday after the final withdrawal of U.S. forces, with foreign donors alarmed about an impending humanitarian crisis.

Two weeks since the Taliban’s sweep into Kabul brought a chaotic end to 20 years of warfare, the Islamist militants have yet to name a new government or reveal how they intend to rule.

In an administrative vacuum, prices have soared and crowds have gathered at banks to withdraw cash.

Heavily armed fighters have imposed control on the capital, but Taliban officials were grappling with keeping hospitals and government machinery running following the end of a huge airlift of foreigners and Afghans who had helped Western forces.

The new,…

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