Taiwan offers useful route to investing in east Asian growth


The FT fund has generated a good return recently as some support has returned for the digital technology and green themes in the portfolio.

Meanwhile, enthusiasm for recovery shares is boosting more traditional sectors and is pushing up the general global index, where I increased my exposure to capture this year’s bounce back.

The fund has also benefited from a decent exposure to Taiwan, combined with a deliberate lack of direct exposure to any specialist mainland China funds. While the Chinese market has been disappointing, with a gain of only 2.5 per cent so far in 2021, stocks in Taipei are up 19 per cent.

Beijing does not seem unduly worried about its stock market as it engages in its struggle with a more aggressive US. As it celebrates 100 years since its formation, the Chinese Communist party is wrestling with its history and considering how it can promote more prosperity and economic success. Investors ask if any of this will…

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