Taiwan conflict would ‘trash’ world economy: Kurt Campbell


NEW YORK — A military conflict in the Taiwan Strait would wreak mayhem in the global economy, Kurt Campbell, U.S. President Joe Biden’s point man on the Indo-Pacific region, said Tuesday.

Campbell stressed that a cross-strait conflict would not be kept to a narrow geographical frame.

Such a clash “would broaden quickly and it would fundamentally trash the global economy in ways that I don’t think anyone can predict,” Campbell, who serves as the National Security Council coordinator for the Indo-Pacific, said at the Financial Times’ Global Boardroom live event.

Taiwan is widely seen as potentially the biggest flashpoint between the U.S. and China, and a clash there could lead to a large-scale war. Washington does not guarantee Taipei that it would intervene in the event of an attack from Beijing, but it does promise to provide resources such as arms that the island needs to build up self-defense capabilities.

Campbell stands by this decades-old approach….

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