Survey: Real Estate And Cash Top Americans’ List Of Preferred Investments Over Next 10 Years


Real estate is Americans’ preferred investment choice for the long term, according to a new study from Bankrate. Real estate has been the top choice in five of the last seven years, and last took the crown in Bankrate’s 2019 survey.

The survey reveals that 28 percent of Americans prefer real estate as the way to invest money not needed for 10 years or more. That’s up from 26 percent last year, when stocks received the top honors.

Americans also had a real fondness for cash in this year’s survey, with cash (including savings accounts and CDs) making its strongest showing since 2014, as 25 percent of respondents cited it. Surprisingly, the surge in popularity comes as interest rates sit at record lows and with little potential for returns.

Meanwhile, just 16 percent of Americans picked stocks, down sharply from 28 percent last year.

“The strong preference for cash is ironic given record low interest rates and renewed concerns about inflation, and…

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