Supreme Court pushes divided nation closer to breaking point with new fights over abortion


For abortion opponents, who see ending a pregnancy as tantamount to the murder of a fetus, these are unavoidable consequences of a moral wrong being corrected. But Americans who favor abortion rights and live in states where they are now illegal feel themselves victims of unacceptable government intrusion into their decisions about their health and families.

Regardless of their philosophical positions on ending a pregnancy, leaders on both sides of the political aisle are grappling with governing challenges caused by the sudden end to legal abortion in some states. Republicans who long promised to outlaw the procedure are facing demands to provide more social services for people whom they force to give birth — and their babies. Democrats are considering how to bolster abortion rights in blue states against a possible push by future Republican majorities in Washington for a national ban.

Tensions are already flaring between anti- and pro-abortion rights…

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