Super powers are super reckless (and foolish) | Joe Biden


After the leaders of the United States and Russia concluded their summit on Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin assured a Canadian journalist that such meetings are meant to save the world from nuclear destruction, and find solutions to the world’s economic, climate and medical problems. President Joe Biden, for his part, told journalists that there are no secret codes to foreign policy, that it is all about personal relationships, about human nature.

All this sounded rather comical, if not tragic, considering the two men supposedly on a quest to save the world could not even find it in themselves to hold a joint news conference after their three-hour chat to assure their people, and the rest of the international community, of their noble intentions.

Not only had their first face-to-face meeting not made the world safer or better; but like old brats, they took swipes at each other’s countries, using stale cliches and sinister arguments.

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