Sunburn — The morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics — 5.13.21


Good Thursday morning.

In the pundit world, smart money says that Republican lawmakers who choose fables over facts will pay the price in the next General Election. The theory goes that they’ll lose the independent voters, and the base won’t be enough to bring them home.

Maybe it will work out that way in some places, but don’t bet Florida will be one of them.

We’d love to believe voters here would punish lawmakers who drone “yes, master” about Donald Trump‘s lie of a stolen election, but not enough of them will.

Perhaps that’s because citizens bloated on conspiracies, lies, and Tucker Carlson believe it, too. And instead of merely following and supporting, they now lead the leaders. That’s how we got to a place where Liz Cheney lost her Republican leadership position for telling the truth.

It was a warning shot to the party’s leaders and any Republican with ambition. Florida GOPs, though, didn’t need the warning.

Florida will be…

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