Summary of China’s Science and Technology News-August 4th


Beijing, August 4 (Xinhua)-The following is a summary of science and technology news published in China.

Prediction by lightning

Chinese researchers have used lightning data to improve the accuracy of short-term forecasts of convective rainfall.

In order to obtain reliable lightning location data and facilitate the application of lightning in improving short-term and imminent precipitation forecasts, researchers at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences conduct field campaigns in a row during the warmer months. And learned the characteristics of high-impact meteorological system patterns in Beijing and its surrounding areas.

Commercial carrier rocket

The flight test of the third Hyperbola-1 commercial rocket failed.

Anomalous performance was confirmed during the flight of a rocket launched from the Kyusen Satellite Launch Center in northwestern China at 3:39 pm (Beijing time) on Tuesday.

Hydroelectric power…

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