Suit from Aspen lawyer, pastor over auto warranty calls seeks millions


A local attorney and his wife are plaintiffs in a lawsuit that alleged multiple telemarketing companies conspired in an auto warranty scam that cost the couple thousands of dollars. In return, they’re seeking millions of dollars in damages from the alleged perpetrators, who have responded to the allegations with denials of any wrongdoing.

The suit initiated by Attorney Andrew L. Quiat and Jane Keener-Quiat claimed fines and penalties associated with the illegal calls amount to $200,000.

Their suit valued each allegedly illegal call at $500 each, making those $1,500 apiece when treble damages are included. Some calls allegedly included multiple civil violations, so the suit tacked on extra damages to those, as well. All told, the robocalls amounted to 545 violations, according to the suit. By factoring in damages associated with civil theft under penalties set by the Colorado Organized Crime Act, the…

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