Style to Dye For: Kids In Color makes a family business out of tie-dyeing one-of-a-kind pieces


Raina Yates never considered herself an artsy person.

But when she saw someone wearing a cool tie-dyed shirt, she thought, “I could do that.”

Raina bought a craft store tie-dye kit and gave it a shot. That’s when she knew she had found something she loved.

“I tie-dyed everything I could get my hands on,” she said.

Soon, her whole family was involved. Her husband Quincey began watching YouTube videos on tie-dyeing during his breaks at work. And, of course, they got their boys, Cameron, 8, and Julian, 4, in on the action.

“We think it’s the coolest thing—art you can wear,” Raina said.

About two years ago, the family started Kids In Color, a custom tie-dye streetwear business. Since then, they’ve sold their colorful shirts, hats and hoodies all over the city at festivals and pop-ups like the HBG Flea and Small Business Saturday.

Customers have a few options when it comes to getting their hands on a Kids In Color…

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