Study finds nature contributes billions to Israel’s economy


A new study estimates that Israel’s rich tapestry of nature and the benefits it provides to society could be worth tens of billions of shekels annually to the economy.

The government report, released last week after eight years of research involving more than 200 scientists, aims to give decision-makers a different view of natural resources, beyond just being something to exploit.

Initiated by the Environmental Protection Ministry and HaMaarag–Israel’s National Ecosystem Assessment Program, the study is the first of its kind in the country to try to quantify the contribution to human welfare of the nation’s different ecosystems.

Critical to the proper functioning of the planet’s life support system, ecosystems are webs of living organisms and inanimate elements such as rock and water, which interact together in a myriad of complex ways, providing oxygen, absorbing carbon dioxide, purifying water, regulating temperature, and…

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