stock market investment strategy: Four lessons the Covid crisis teaches you about investing

Recovering from Covid-19 has been a journey of panic, patience, gratitude and then a little more panic.

It was a tumultuous time to say the least – more than for myself, I was overcome with worry for my family and near and dear ones as we heard of one case after another.

While I was wiling away my 21 days of quarantine, too lethargic to even stand up and take a stroll, my mind was in overdrive!

Amidst all this, I couldn’t help but draw parallels between my Covid journey and the world of investing. And I realized that these two couldn’t be more similar! Let me show you how:

Lesson 1 : Don’t PANIC
Just as Covid stormed our lives in a way that we had never seen before, the stock market has time and again shocked investors the world over.

And the first reaction is ALWAYS PANIC! When Covid hit us at home, we were all over the place – sourcing medicines and injections, enquiring for hospital beds and oxygen cylinders, blood pressures through the…

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