State revenue continues record-setting trend, Oklahoma’s treasurer says | Govt-and-politics


Tax payments to the state treasury continued a record-setting trend in September, state Treasurer Randy McDaniel said Wednesday.

Gross receipts were $1.38 billion in September, McDaniel said, with most major revenue sources up double digits from the same month a year ago.

“The revenue report, coupled with low unemployment, reflect the healthy status of the state economy,” McDaniel said in a press release.

Gross receipts are all taxes paid to the treasury, including those collected on behalf of local governments and money returned to taxpayers as refunds and rebates.

Over the past year, those receipts have totaled $14.52 billion, most ever for any 12-month period.

Gross income tax revenue — individual and corporate collections before refunds and rebates — were $530 million in September, a 17.1% increase from the same month a year ago.

Combined sales and use tax receipts were $531.8 million, up 16.2% over a year ago.

Oil and natural gas gross…

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