Standard Bank’s tips on how not to get caught by scammers


Every expert or consumer can attest to the fact that digital banking is very important in the present day and will ever be significant in the near future. Digital banking combines online and mobile banking services into a solution that gives users a variety of ways to monetary transfers, connecting with your money, budgeting, saving and investing at a simple touch of a button.

The growth of digital banking has seen an exponential grown over the years in Africa as data lessons, consumers become more tech savvy and electrical devices become more advanced.

Digital Scamming in South Africa

A rise in this post-modern way of banking uniquely spiked due to Covid-19 as many move towards the digital space, be it purchasing household items or for daily transactions.

This form on online scamming is every increasing and can occur at any moment so consumers using digital platforms to bank should continuously be conscious of their every move.

“Consumers who are…

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