Sri Lanka: Bridging the ‘growing trust-deficit’ with the Indian neighbour


The well-earned publicity that the ‘Integrated Country Strategy’ for Sri Lankan missions in India has received in the Indian media is a welcome for more reasons than one. In particular, it deserves to be praised for acknowledging the ‘trust-deficit’ that has re-emerged in the bilateral relations over the past year—after a relatively smooth sail in the five years before it.

With the acknowledgement also comes suggestions for setting right many, if not all the causes for the ‘trust-deficit’. The latter has more to do with the contemporary political and economic realities, as different from the centuries-old cultural underpinning, from which both nations have unfortunately moved away over the past decades.

When cleared by the government of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the document could be the guiding, if not the governing principle for Sri Lankan missions in India, after the former Minister Milinda Moragoda takes over as the High…

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