Spokane tops the nation in real estate bidding wars


Spokane resident Kelli Saunders found the home of her dreams in two months, but it wasn’t easy.

Saunders sold her previous home in February and began looking for a new property.

She encountered eight bidding wars and lost against four cash offers for homes, some of which sold for thousands of dollars over asking price.

Saunders – with some persistence – found a home north of the Garland District.

“I decided I just loved this house and said, ‘Let’s go with everything we have on this one,’ ” she said.

She wrote a letter to the seller describing why she loved the house and ended up paying $70,000 over the asking price of $300,000, beating out another buyer with a cash offer.

“I had a low down payment, but had a lot of cash behind it,” she said.

“I came right in at $370,000. I’m one of the very few lucky ones that beat out a cash offer.”

Saunders is among several buyers in the region competing against multiple…

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