SpaceX Starlink Scam Hits Iran: Don’t Fall for This Fake Website Asking Bitcoin Payment


Enormous demand for the SpaceX Starlink satellite internet service have attracted scammers to take advantage of the opportunity.

Unauthorized Iranian websites have purported to offer Starlink’s services, enticing local users to place an order for a beta version of the high-speed broadband offering, PC Magazine reported.

A supposed Starlink website presented in the Persian language aimed at Iranian internet users claimed that it could place an order for the beta version of Starlink.

Fake Iranian Starlink Website Asks for Bitcoin as Payment

Users have noticed the site’s illicit behavior when the site asked them to pay for the service in Bitcoin. A form would require the user’s name, email address, and phone number. The site would then notify the user that it will follow up on the payment method through a separate email.

The site said payments in Iran are to be made “with absolute confidentiality via…

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