Southwest Florida Online News: Scam Alert

LABELLE, FL. — A new scam seems to have appeared using YouTube channel comments to tell viewers who made comment they have won a valuable prize.

We discovered this scam when receiving an email notification today that a reply was made to a comment we made on a YouTube video several months ago. 

It appeared to be a reply from the channel owner, but on closer examination the account sending the reply message was “TEXT ME ON TELEGRAM @Pilot_Institute”using the real official channel’s logo thus making it look like a reply from the real channel. But, clicking on the “Text Me On Telegram” reply forwarded to a fake channel recently opened with no content.

The scam leads people to go to the telegram app and leave their name, address, and phone number with an apparent fake Telegram account again using the real channel’s logo, where they attempt to collect money from you for “shipping charges.”

The real Pilot Institute YouTube video where we…

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