Sophisticated ‘emergency’ scam uses inside information to target senior – Vernon News


Madeleine Ashley was still shaken when she called Castanet to warn others about a scam she nearly fell for.

The Vernon area woman says someone called her Tuesday morning, pretending to be her son.

“I got a call from a private number, and when the fellow talked to me he was crying and he said he was Rick, which is my son’s name, and that he was in a car accident,” Ashley said.

When she told the caller he didn’t sound like Rick, he said he broke his nose, and that’s why he sounded different. Ashley said she was told to wait for a call from a Lawyer.

Another man, claiming to be her son’s lawyer called and said Rick was in a holding cell and asked for a retainer of $5,000 to get him out.

She explains what happened next. “He wanted the $5,000 by one o’clock this afternoon, and so I was in a panic and hung up and called the brother he (Rick) is living with. He said ‘he’s right here mom. It’s a scam…

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