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I REFER to the letter “Sour ending to durian purchase” (The Star, July 20). I am also a victim of an online scam. In my case, the portal was a platform for buying and selling new and second-hand goods.

A guy posed as a car owner selling his used vehicle on the platform. After I transferred the money into his account, he could not be contacted.

I found out later that he had forged the vehicle’s log book and name of the actual owner.

I would like to share with the writer how I got my money back.

The first thing to do is to lodge a police report. At the police station, one would normally be advised to see a sergeant or higher-ranking investigation officer after making an initial report. A second police report/statement will be required and any material/evidence that the victim can provide is submitted with it.

The police will submit this report to the scammer’s bank, which will freeze/block the account…

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