SolVolt Reviews – Big Fat Scam or SolVolt Solar Charger Works?


SolVolt is a solar-powered charger that everyone should have these days. According to the official website (, it is most suitable for people who spend a lot of time outdoors or traveling. There are two USB ports in it, meaning it can charge up to two devices at a time. So it can be used as a personal charger, or for the whole family, with a one-time investment. 

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Electronics have surely made our lives easier, but it also takes an electric supply to charge these devices. It is not a problem when you spend most of your time indoors, but what to do when you are out and have no way to charge your phone except waiting to reach a service center, café, or home to charge it? What if you expect an urgent email and there is no way to read it on time because your phone battery is dying?  

One popular way to combat this issue…

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