Solly Assa – the Gold Standard in New York’s Real Estate Market


The real estate industry can be very tough to navigate, especially in a place like New York City where the prices are some of the highest in the country. However, for those who are able to prosper in this industry, the profits can be very sizable. It takes in-depth understanding of the market, expertise, and a vision that goes beyond buying low and selling high.

Solly Assa has been in the real estate business for over two decades, he is the CEO and founder of Assa Properties, a company that targets investment and development into major commercial, residential, and retail properties. Assa currently owns over 3 million square feet of assets in the U.S. and Mexico.

Assa has attained such success because of his approach to his real estate endeavors, as he is always in it for the long game, as opposed to short term ventures- flipping homes being a tangible example. Solly enjoys working in real estate because he wants to be a source of change, he wants to…

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