Social Media Post Spreads Bogus Claims About Denzel Washington’s Political Leanings


Quick Take

A post circulating on social media falsely claims actor Denzel Washington said he’s “had it” with the Democratic Party’s “lies” and now supports former President Donald Trump. The fictitious quote attributed to Washington originated on a self-described satirical website. A representative for Washington confirmed “this post is a complete fabrication.”

Full Story

Actor Denzel Washington has repeatedly been the target of bogus stories about his political views.

As we reported in 2018, a fabricated article incorrectly attributed a string of quotes critical of former President Barack Obama to the actor — even though Washington supported Obama and said Obama did a “great job” as president. False claims about Washington praising former President Donald Trump also were widely shared online in 2016.

More recently, a social media post falsely claims that Washington left the Democratic Party to help Trump and his allies. One…

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